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Java Development – A Future-Proof Choice
Imagine building the brains behind your favorite apps and websites. As a Java developer, you do just that—creating and developing the software that powers countless digital platforms, from mobile apps to large social networks and marketplaces. It's like being an architect, but for the digital world, where your building blocks are lines of code that make technology come to life.
Good pay
As of early 2024, Glassdoor estimates the average salary for Java developers in European Union to be around €70,000 per year, with experienced developers earning well over €90,000 annually. This figure varies by location and experience level but underscores the financial benefits of this career path.
A Thriving Community
The Java community is one of the largest programming communities, with millions of developers. Platforms like Stack Overflow and GitHub boast hundreds of thousands of Java projects and questions, providing an unrivaled resource for learning and collaboration.
Java's popularity makes its developers highly required. According to the TIOBE Index, Java consistently ranks among the top three programming languages globally, highlighting its widespread use and the high demand for developers proficient in Java.
Inspiring world of opportunities
Java is everywhere. Java programming runs on over 3 billion devices worldwide from mobile devices to large-scale banks and government institutions.
2200€: for juniors (0-1,5y) gross pay
4500€: for mid+ (1,5+y) gross pay
5400+ open job positions in EU
In-Demand Skillset
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Start a new career as a Java developer without putting your life on hold. Our learning process is crafted for the busy schedules of working adults, blending seamlessly with your work, family, and personal commitments.
How You Will Learn
Engage with Expert Content
Access concise, expertly crafted videos and materials. Learn the essentials through high-quality resources designed for clarity and immediate application.
Real-World Projects, Team-Based Learning
Work on practical assignments and projects that simulate actual development scenarios. Collaborate with other learners to solve problems and apply what you've learned in a hands-on environment.
Weekly Mentoring Sessions
Connect with industry professionals in weekly sessions to deepen your understanding, troubleshoot challenges, and personalize your learning path.
Immediate Coding Experience
Start coding from day one. Build a portfolio of real projects, earn a certificate, and prepare fully for your tech career shift.
Maintain work-life-education balance
Our program is tailored to accommodate busy professionals, providing a balance between work, personal life, and education through a reasonable workload and periodical vacations.
Learn in Just 10 Hours/Week
Our carefully designed curriculum allows you to learn efficiently and effectively, dedicating only 10 hours per week to master software developing.
Study on your timetable
Our program is designed for busy professionals and is giving you flexibility 
to learn at any time that is convenient 
for you.
Learn on Your Schedule
8-10 hours per week of self-study
10 months of learning
1 mentoring session per week (evening time)
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  • Learn how to boost your portfolio with great freelance jobs and show off your skills on your CV, Portfolio, and LinkedIn.
  • Get expert feedback on your work in group sessions to help you polish your portfolio.
  • Prepare for job interviews with tips from professionals, practice with peers, and learn how to stay calm under pressure.
  • Join bi-weekly sessions with a career strategist to stay on track and get personalized feedback on your CV and LinkedIn.
  • Gain access to exclusive job offers through our partner network, helping you find the right opportunities.
  • Receive ongoing employment support, including 1:1 consultations, until you land your job.
Duration: 4 months
Key Topics:
Software Development Fundamentals
Advanced Development Tools and Database Design
Spring Boot configuration, security, documentation and logging

1 / Real-World Simulation
Experience training that closely mirrors actual software development projects, preparing you for the realities of a tech career.
2 / Skill Enhancement
Sharpen your coding skills through intensive, practical projects 
that challenge you to apply what you learn in real-time.
3 / Job Search Readiness Toolkit
Master the art of CV crafting. Learn how to enhance your online presence and create a professional portfolio that demonstrates your capabilities and project experience.
4 / Interview Mastery
Develop the skills to excel in interviews, from technical questions to behavioral responses.
5 / Personalized Consultancy
Receive tailored advice and strategies from career experts dedicated to your job search success.
6 / Ongoing Support
Benefit from continuous support and guidance as you navigate 
the job market.
7 / Supported Employment
Secure your first job as a software developer with our commitment to your employment success and accessing our extensive partners’ network.
8 / Kickstart Your New Career with Confidence
The Extensive Career Transition Program
With comprehensive training, expert guidance, and dedicated support, step into the tech industry prepared and assured.
  • Java basics, Git, Confluence, IntelliJ IDEA, PostgreSQL, RESTful services, Java Collections, memory management, JPA, database operations, testing methodologies.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain proficiency in Java programming, version control, backend development, and database management. Master software development tools and methodologies, enhance problem-solving skills through hands-on projects, and understand full-cycle software development processes.
Key Topics:
  • Docker, Docker Compose, Gitflow, database design, ER diagrams, UML, caching, transaction management, Sonar Lint.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop expertise in using Docker for multi-container applications and advanced version control with Gitflow. Learn database design principles and improve code quality through static analysis tools.
Key Topics:
  • Spring Boot setup, security with JWT, documentation best practices, database versioning with Liquibase, Java Streams, Lambdas, logging techniques.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Master Spring Boot for application development, focusing on security and autoconfiguration. Enhance skills in advanced Java features and effective logging for better application management and debugging.
Graduation project
Key Topics:
  • API design, database modeling, endpoint implementation, unit testing, project documentation, peer reviews.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Apply learned skills to conceptualize, design, and implement a comprehensive software project. Gain experience in documentation and receive feedback through peer reviews to refine and enhance project outcomes.
Duration: 2 months
Duration: 2 months
Duration: 2 months
Our Graduates are working or have interned in
You Will Be Guided By The Best Mentors
Ilja Grigorjev
A skilled software developer at Birkle-IT, specializing in consultancy and engineering scalable solutions. A committed mentor, he focuses on personal growth and continuous learning.
Anton Anikin
Partner and Leading Architect at Wisercat.
Designing and implementing complex IT systems for Estonian e-Government.
Rain Tüür
Seasoned Java and Spring Boot developer with extensive experience at LHV Bank and Eesti Energia, and a former Vali IT! student. Now a lecturer at Vali IT!, mentoring over 180 adults entering IT careers
Our We Care About You Until You Get The Job package offers personalised support from an personal career consultant to help you quickly secure employment. From resume and portfolio development to crafting a comprehensive career plan, our HR expert will work closely with you to help you stand out from
the competition and land your dream job. Once you have graduated from the program, we will work with you until you find a job in IT.
Your Employment Is Our Commitment
Küllike Oja
Your personal career consultant
15+ years
of experience in counseling, recruitment and mentoring adult IT learners to prepare them for a successful job search
Work with individuals and groups, with private and public sector companies as:
Psychological counselor
Career counselor
Discover our flexible pricing packages that make our program affordable for everybody and unlock salary opportunities of €2500+ per month
A Reasonable Investment for Your Dream Career
Everything You Need To Become
 a Software Developer
Duration: 10 months
Software Developer Reskilling Program Modules 1-4
Time Management Training
Job Search Readiness Toolkit
Employment Support Package
Feedback on mock interviews
Comprehensive interview technique training
Cheatsheets and job search insights
Bi-weekly career strategist sessions
Personal Feedback to CV & LinkedIn
Access to partner network job offers
Employment support (until you find a job)
We Care About You 
Until You Get The Job
30 days money-back guarantee
Duration: 10 months
Software Developer Reskilling Program Modules 1-4
Time Management Training
Job Search Readiness Toolkit
Employment Support Package
Feedback on mock interviews
Comprehensive interview technique training
Cheatsheets and job search insights
Bi-weekly career strategist sessions
Personal Feedback to CV & LinkedIn
Access to partner network job offers
Employment support (until you find a job)
30 days money-back guarantee
Our goal is to provide career-changing opportunities to anyone who desires them, which is why we offer flexible payment options to suit different needs and circumstances.
Payment options
Option 1
Single fixed fee:
Pay once before the beginning of the programm
Option 2
Pay in 3 parts:
No additional fees will be applied.
Option 3
Pay by instalments up to 72 months:
The available period up to 72 months. The service is provided in cooperation with InBank.
Option 4
Pay with Töötukassa (Estonia only):

Funding through Töötukassa is available for employed individuals who meet the criteria of the "Tööta ja Õpi" programm or for individuals registered as unemployed with the Töötukassa. In both cases, you must contact a representative of the Töötukassa for futher information.
According to Glassdoor, the salary range for a software developer is between 2500 and 6000 euros per month.
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